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- Telecommunications Software Security Architecture

TeSSA3 is based on the certificate concepts developed by the TeSSA and TeSSA2 projects. The main result of these projects is a security architecture for untrusted networks such as the Internet. The architecture has been implemented using authorisation certificates, and therefore it supports anonymity, delegation, and dynamic distributed policy management. The architecture has proved to be adaptable to variable needs such as distributed Java 2 policy management, CORBA security services implementation, and a secure alternative for credit cards.

Our plans for the year 2000 are based on three themes or areas of utilising certificates: personal mobility, privacy and the TeSSA architecture. All the research ideas are connected to these themes.

  • Personal mobility includes the problems of secured management of ad hoc networks and secured services based on location awareness.
  • Privacy includes identifying end user needs for privacy and implementing privacy promoting services.
  • The TeSSA architecture is used as the basic technology for implementing the various demonstrations. It will be enhanced to support a wider range of applications.

More information about TeSSA3 focus areas and trails

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