TAKU - Modeling, desing, and control of acoustics of closed spaces

TAKU is a research project funded mainly by TEKES, National Technology Agency
and it is a part of the "VÄRE"-technology programme.

TAKU consists of several subprojects. The main research topics include:

  • Modeling and measurement of acoustic properties of materials
  • Active control of low frequencies in a control room
  • Modeling and measurement of concert hall acoustics
  • Active and passive control of concert hall acoustics
  • Modeling of acoustics of vehicle cabins

  • Research Institutes:

  • Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing
  • Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Laboratory of Telecommunication Software and Multimedia
  • Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Department of Mathematics
  • VTT, Safety Technology
  • Project manager: Lauri Savioja

    Following companies participate in TAKU:

  • Aislo Oy
  • Akukon Oy
  • Genelec Oy
  • Gradient Oy
  • Isover Oy
  • Noisetek Oy
  • Nokia Research Center
  • PanPhonics Oy
  • Paroc
  • Sasmox Oy
  • Valtra Oy
  • More detailed WWW-pages of TAKU in Finnish.

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